Boost Your Amazon Sales and Get Your Brand Off the Ground

Our Amazon Sellers enjoy increased conversion ratio, a spike in Best Sellers Rank, and extra traffic to their Amazon product page.

This Sounds Great, But How Does It Work?

1. Let’s Create A Plan

A quick email chat with us and we’ll help you generate your coupon code, price, reserve quantity and more.

2.Get Sales

Your product launch goes live. You will get an influx of sales, which Amazon loves. Ranking improvements normally take about a week to update.

3. Get Social Media Reviews

Roughly 21 days after the product launch, we make sure that the buyers have left product reviews on their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook groups).

Increase your BSR, sales, reviews & more!
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We are the most cost effective solution
for skyrocketing sales, build momentum and exposure.

Traditionally, getting Amazon sales take a lot of resources, specifically money & time. And if your competitors already have tons of reviews, it can be virtually impossible to out rank them.

The general consensus in the industry is that it can take approximately 100 people who buy AND like your product, to actually leave a review.

So if you happen to sell 10,000 units, you might only get 100 reviews or so. This is why so many sellers are resorting to other methods to increase their chances of customers leaving reviews such as email follow up & telemarketing.

Product Rocket solves this problem and makes it much cheaper and take much less time to get high quality Social media reviews.

We are the most cost effective way to compete on Amazon. Period.

Increase your BSR, sales, reviews & more!
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Case Study: Results We’ve Attained
For Recent Customers

Case Study: VitaBella
Check out some results we achieved for one of our clients recently. VitaBella sells Garcinia Cambogia on Amazon, they were struggling to get sales and reviews in the beginning.

They bought a couple of packages from Product Rocket and our shoppers loved it! Not only did they enjoy an increase in social media reviews, but also BSR, rankings & most importantly – SALES.

VitaBella’s Rank Results
Here you can see they were struggling in the beginning. But after a couple of Product Rocket packages later, they started gaining sales like crazy.

Due to the sensitive nature, we only have permission to show data from when they first started out. Their sales have improved much more since this screenshot was taken 😉

Increase your BSR, sales, reviews & more!
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Benefits Our Amazon Sellers Are Enjoying

High Quality Social Media Reviews

Comprehensive and positive reviews are the most common, especially if you have a quality product. Our reviewers aren’t shy at all. Some of them are known to leave video (YouTube and Facebook) & photo (Instagram) reviews as well.

Instant Blast Of Sales

You will be giving away a certain number of products out to our reviewers, so you will instantly get an influx of sales, which Amazon loves. This will help your product page perform better.

Spike BSR

Your “Best Seller Rank” will typically shoot through the roof, thus increasing your rank in Amz’s algorithm as with most of our clients.

Compete Quicker

Get social media reviews and brand awareness quicker than you normally would with traditional methods. Normally only 1 out of 10 buyers will leave a social media review. Not with our system. Ours is over 10 out of 10.

Save Money

Currently our system is the most cost effective method at gaining Amazon sales and social media reviews. This will save you TONS of money since you don’t have to spend so much on marketing your product through traditional methods.

Increased Conversion Rate

Almost all of our customers end up increasing their conversion ratio. We can’t guarantee this will happen, but it is almost always the case.

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